Problem with Enclosure and standard algorithm


I have been trying to set up different CFD simulations on my project:

specially trying to generate an enclosure in the Ardita_Pikespeak geometry so as to be able to use the standard mesher. The problem is that every time that I try it, the enclosure fails (different errors that recommend cleaning my geometry). Is there any other way to try to use the standard mesher without generating an enclosure? Because if I don’t generate a fluid volume, I will not be able to set up my boundary conditions afterwards…


Hey there!

I was able to create the enclosure without problem. Please check my setup and copy it for you to use it:

Important pointers:

  • I used half model to leverage symmetry
  • Always select the seed face
  • The tangential contact between floor and wheels can create problems, so I raised the floor a little bit to create an intersection patch.
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You are an absolute legend. Thank you very much, it helped me a lot :)!!!

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Just to clarify, how did you choose an apropriate seed face?

You are always welcome!

Just pick a face that is in contact with the fluid region.