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Problem with Enclosure and Geometry

Hi, I’ve been having trouble with the geometry and combining it with an enclosure.
The events log keeps showing this message : “The geometry could not be combined at edge184@solid63… Please consider cleanup operations in your CAD tool.”

Is there any quick way to resolve this?


Hey there, and thanks for using our forum!

I tried to perform the enclosure operation with no success.

Upon closer inspection of your geometry I found these faults:

  • The model is composed of sheet bodies. Even after optimization, some sheet bodies remain, which causes the error.
  • There are small gaps between the buildings, which can also cause errors.

You need to go back to your CAD and fix the issues before trying again to create the enclosure. Make sure you use a solid geometry format such as Parasolid or STEP when exporting your file for upload into SimScale also.