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Problem - Surface(s)

Hi guys,

has anyone ever encountered problems with clicking on the surfaces?

I use Chrome and already checked this issue for .igs as well as .stp files.

In case you want to try it yourself: My Project

I cannot even open the right-click menu with my mouse.

Thank you!

Hi @jousefm, I have this problem on a regular basis. SimScale (@afischer) is aware of this issue. Restarting my browser usually fixes the problem. If not, I switch from Chrome to Firefox or visa versa. Failing that you can select your topological entities from the scene tree or hover over the entity to get its name and then select it manually from the list.

Hi @BenLewis,

thank you for your fast reply. Ok thought I was the only one having this issue.

Restarting my browser twice helped! :slight_smile:

To chose entities manually can be exhausting if you have a lot of them in one project but yes I agree that is the last resort if nothing else works :smiley:


Hey @jousefm,

thanks for reporting this. As Ben mentioned we are aware of this issue as it happens regularly to him. Until now we could not reproduce the behavior here. We are testing with different operating systems and various browser versions. Thanks to the description we can at least isolate the root cause pretty good.

@BenLewis, Ben I guess now it is clear that there is no geographical relation.

To sum that up, both of you are working with Chrome and Windows right? Do you have some special, very fast/new graphic cards?

Best Alex

I have this issue on both these systems:

Dell 7710
Windows 10
Chrome and Firefox
Quadro M3000M

Dell M6500
Windows 7
Chrome and Firefox
Quadro FX2800M

Hi @afischer,

my system looks like this:

Sony Vaio Laptop (VPCEH1S1E)
Windows 10
GeForce 410M

Thanks for sharing this. I normally use a Linux computer when really working on the platform. And obviously a quick setup test does not force the problem. But I suspect that it only happens with Windows. Otherwise I would not understand why I never faced it.

I will have a close look on Monday with one of our Windows computers. As it happens that often to you we really need to find the problem and fix it.

Best Alex

Hey @jousefm and @BenLewis,

we deployed an update today where we changed the implementation of the selection again where we hope that those effects that you experienced will not occur anymore. As we could not reproduce the problem still, but got it reported also via support some times, we are still dependent on your feedback here. If you face the same problem again it would be great if you could report it directly to us!

Best Alex

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I had a similar issue, which could be also your case.

The thing is that on an already computed mesh you cannot select surfaces to assign to refinements. The solution in this case is to delete the result of the computed mesh and then you can select the surfaces. I think this limitation is related to the naming conventions of the surfaces and references to original CAD.

Could this be the case?

Hi @ggiraldo,

what you’re describing is unrelated to the selection issue @afischer was mentioning but also a workflow that we’ll improve soon. For the time being, there are two options:

  • As you described, delete the mesh operation result and the CAD model will reappear and you can select
  • Or you right-click the used CAD and choose the “Show in viewer” option - then you have the CAD model again available for selection



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Hi @afischer,

I’m still having trouble with surface section in the 3D viewer. It seems that the update has not resolved this issue.

Regards, Ben