Problem modelling orthotic insole


dear all.
I need to make a study on a special orthopedic sole. I’ve scanned it and created 3 different solids, but I’m having some problems meshing a certain geometry (midfoot area) and simulating plantar pressures during gait cycle!
Any advice or help is really much appreciated. thanks a lot.


Hey @jmayer,

I once had a quick look at that model consisting of multiple solids and some shells because I was really interested in what you were doing. I checked quickly on your current setup and it only consists of on solid representing the back part of the sole, I guess. Is that intended. What is the exact problem during meshing that you are facing?

Best Alex


I’ve run several simulations, such as total orthotic sole (made up of 3 different thicknesses) or just the upper thickness, but, in both cases, when I meshed the entire geometry, the error attached occurs.
For this reason, I separated the upper insole in 3 areas (forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot) and analyzed them separately. It turned out that the midfoot area is indicted.
what should I do? delete all the faces in order to have only a solid?


thanks a lot!


Hey @jmayer,

I tried to repair the geometry here: as it seems it has a lot of unclean details like non-matching surfaces etc., but I couldn’t fix it completely. Which CAD tool did you use to create the model? I think that the current model can not be cleaned in a way to use it for meshing. But maybe there are some quick wins in the construction or export functionality of your CAD software.

Best Alex


I used Rhino…well I tried, cause I’ve not experience with it!