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Problem in simulating!

I want to flow oil on fins of an heated plate with inlet at left of the top fin and outlet at top of the bottommost fin.
it gives an error like this “a multimesh was assigned for a single mesh analysis.”
here is my project link:

thank you guys!

The operation that you might use in your case is this one in order to create your fluid flow domain: - @Ricardopg, can you confirm this or would you take another approach?




Thanks Jousef for the tag.

From the looks of it, all parts are already solid. It’s a little difficult to understand the simulation just from the description though. Some questions/comments:

  • Can you point where the inlet and outlet are in picture?
  • From the description it sounds like you’re trying to perform a conjugate heat transfer analysis. This is the only CFD analysis type that requires multi mesh regions (a geometry with with solids + fluid region). The other analysis types require only a the flow region.
  • Some parts are intersecting with each other. It could cause problems later on during the set up:

    A good place to find & repair these interferences would be OnShape. Have a look at this article about interference detection.

Once we have more information, it will be easier to help you out!

Thank you so so much for replying so quickly, actually these fins are at an angle as I wanted to flow the oil gravitionally along the top surface of fins with all fins assumed to be at constant 160 degree C temp. here is the image of Inlet and outlet. The extra extruded part i made on fins is of 2mm oil film. I made it to creat e closed volume but didn’t work. again thanks a lot!! also I check ed for interferences in onshape but no interference was found. :slightly_smiling_face:!


Thanks a Lot for replying really appreciate it!!


I try to flow simulate a microfluidic device and I got this error. A multi-region mesh is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an advanced concept assigned to them.
This is my project link:

Thank you in advance.