Pressure Velocity field


I was successful for simulating my project geometry, now I am on the step to analyze the results. I want to have the vector fields of the pressure, but I only see the “velocity” section when I click the vector field. Is there any method that I can indicate the pressure vector just like velocity vector arrows are indicated?

Hello @dcb68ae3ee0645, great to see that you’ve successfully completed the simulation!

Pressure is a scalar quantity, meaning that it has magnitude but no direction, and it will act in all directions at a certain point. Therefore, it’s not possible to visualize the pressure as a vector. What you can do is to create a cutting plane with pressure coloring and velocity vectors on the same cutting plane.

Hope this helps!

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You are right! I forgot this physical properties that I learned in school. Thanks a lot :blush: Have a wonderful day!

I gotta admit, this happens to many of us a while after finishing the school so no worries. It’s always safe to ask whenever in doubt. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m glad to be helpful, have a wonderful day either!

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So cool! Happy Simulation thanks to you!