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Pressure results are randomly visible

I have spent the past two days learning the tool using a few basic shapes. I’ve been successful running the evaluations with one exception. Namely, if I go back to review a prior Run, I am unable to see any Pressure visualization legend colors. The pressure legend suggests all pressures are 0, hence the color scale is all gray. If I go back and run a second simulation, without changing any setup, the Pressure results are visible once again.

Is this a bug in the software? Or am I somehow disabling the display?


Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott,

the issue here is that the post-processor shows the first iteration of your simulation result. Since the pressure field is initialized with zero, this shows essentially the initial conditions from which the simulation starts. You can use the controls at the top to go to the last time step:

Once you do that, you’ll see the actual solution:

I hope this helps,



It absolutely does help, David. Thank you.