Pressure on the body by the fluid

hello everyone, ive just completed a cfd simulation of a propeller in incompressiable flow

so i did the force moment analysis, i got all the values of forces and moments at different conditions
but how do i know the pressure exerted by the fluid on the body??

i want that data so that i could do fsi

Hi @322207033002, thanks for posting on the forum and welcome to the SimScale Community :handshake:

Only 1-Way FSI is possible with SimScale at the moment. The workflow to perform it is as follows:

  1. First a CFD run is performed to obtain pressure data
  2. The results are taken to ParaView
  3. In ParaView, we can export a table with X/Y/Z coordinates and pressure values on faces of interest
  4. This table is used for a table definition within a pressure boundary condition for a structural simulation

If you wish to do 2-Way FSI, make sure to add this suggestion to our public RoadMap!

Does that help?


@igaviano Thanks for your response. I’m currently working through the process you’ve mentioned. Your explanation was very helpful.