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Pressure driven compressible flow analysis

I want to create a simple pipe flow simulation. I know at inlet the pressure of air is 1.6 MPa and volumetric flowrate of air is 4.16 m3/s. I guess the velocity of air will be higher than 100 m/s. So i chose compressible flow simulation and defined boundary condition as follows.

Inlet: Pressure inlet - 1.6MPa

Outlet: Velocity outlet - 4.16 m3/s

The rest of the geometry was specified as wall boundary condition. However that simulation could not be solved. I didn’t understand what went wrong. Are there anyone who can help me about that simulation? I put the relevant simulations link below.

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Sorry for the late response @gokayguney!

Let me check that out and also tagging my colleagues from the @CFD-SQUAD here.



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