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Posting in the Project Support Category


What should this category be used for?

You have questions or need assistance regarding a Simulation Project that you are working on, ie:

  • The settings you have chosen
  • Unsuccessful meshing or simulation runs
  • Understanding the results

Rules for posting in this category:

It is harder and it takes longer to provide support without full details.To speed up the process and quickly solve your issues this is a reminder to post as much information as you possibly can:

  • A description of the project and what you are trying to achieve
  • A description of what is happening, screenshots or error logs are helpful
  • [Important] Always provide a link to your project so that it is easy to find.

Note: If you have a general question regarding how to use SimScale please post it in the Using SimScale Category

Mark the solution as Solved

When you receive help on your project it is important to acknowledge that your question has been answered to a satisfactory degree. Please mark the reply as solved.

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'beam profile' simulation project by voroder