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Post processor bounding box


Hi, i am in post processor part. I can’t hide the bounding box to see the car.

And not only this, i have a big problem. every click i do, simscale shows this message “Assertion Failed”.

Do someone know how to solve?


Hi @cecca98!

Can you share the project with us in the comments please along with screenshots? Having a look at this.




I shared with you. Thanks!!!


Hi @cecca98,

for me everything works fine without any problems, try reloading it. Also I think the only way to “remove” the bounding box would be to use the transparent representation or use the opacity tool. The options of the old post-processor will be successively added to the new one - if there is indeed a way to do this @1318980 will add his two cents to this.




When you opened the post process result, did you see 0 Pa in each point of domain?

I am seeing all the region blue (that correspond to 0 Pascal). Am i wrong?


Hi @cecca98,

you have all blue but you have to make sure you jump forward in time and pick the right result field. Example:

I was just working with a slice and the velocity where I additionally adapted the range. Let us know if you have any further questions.




Hi @jousefm and thanks for answer.

Ok…i am trying to see the pressure and velocity with a cutting plane and the pressure in 3d vision of car.

I m not able to see that. Maybe because i can’t use the post-processor properly.

Is there a sort of video tutorial or documentation? I found only tutorial in the previous workbench.

Thanks you really much.


Hi @cecca98, no worries!

About the “classical” representation what you know from the old post-processor, the features will be added step-by-step to the new one. If you want to do advanced post-processing you can use the offline Paraview version and wait until the features are added or use the old one, as you like.

You can find some tutorials about the new post-processor on this page: New integrated Post-Processor - Tutorials




Hi @jousefm,

i am still not able to see the pressure. The velocity field is clear. But i have some problem with pressure.

Are you able to see that?


Hi @cecca98.

Will adapt the simulation by changing the pressure outlet value and get back to you with a step-by-step instruction how you can evaluate the pressure in the new post-processor.

Till then and check out the SimWiki in the meantime :wink: