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Post processing error


I’ve been trying to make a simple flow through pipe sim. After im done with solving the problem normally i should be able to access a post processing tab. Unfortunaly im unable to do that. In every tutorial i see, there are 3 distinct tabs at the top of the window for each step of the sim but that doesnt appear in my screen.
Thanks in advance

Hi @cpouraimis!

I think there is a misunderstanding here which is that we changed to a new workbench design a while ago and you do not have the three distinct tabs anymore. What you would have to do is to go to the very bottom of your simulation tree, open a finished simulation and click on Solution Fields or click on the run and then click on the Post-Process Results button in the opening windows inside the viewport.

Let me know if that helped! I can post some screenshots later on if that helps more!

Happy SimScaling!