Possible Issue with Boundary Conditions?

Hi everyone,

Could anyone suggest what could possible be wrong with my boundary conditions? As is illustrated in the image below I have high pressure at the top left corner and low pressure at the bottom left.

The link for the project is also:https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=1931409533551030648&rru=902574aa-cf16-4f19-ae9a-4b1b20dd07fe&ci=52e385c1-867b-4317-8121-f55642f86d0d&ct=SOLUTION_FIELD&mt=SIMULATION_RESULT

I have tried playing around with different boundary conditions but to no avail.


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Hi @ptreacy
Please, can you tell the A.O.A and the corresponding run name of the given screenshot for further assistance.
Hamza Baig

Hi Hamza,

It is AOA of 10 degrees split as 50.64 m/s in the x-direction and 9.093 in the y-direction.

It is run 10. I have fixed the edges as the mesh appeared jagged ( sorry not a great description) in those regions, I fixed it by altering the background box mesh. Although when I did this, I began to get the image below:


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Hi again,
I would like you to go through the simulation settings of NACA 0012 airfoil project simulated by me previously, please adopt the settings and try again. Hope it will result in successful mesh and simulation run.


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