'pom zaves' simulation project by mtek


I created a new simulation project called 'pom zaves':


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@mtek - had a quick look at your model. Since there are many “touching” parts, the surface mesh might be too coarse which leads to overlappings. I’d give a finer mesh a try (simply tune up the parameter Fineness to 3 or 4). Also 32 cores is by far more than this operation will need. 4 or 8 will be enough.


Dear Dheiny,

thanks,but fineness 4, 5 still doesn’t create mesh. What to do?



Hey Vaclav(@mtek)! I had a quick look at your model and it seems like I found two problems. I found problems only in one of the solid so I downloaded the geometry and export this solid separately whereas other remaining solids separately. I than imported both step files I tried to mesh them with automatic coarse settings. The mesh of the remaining 4 solids model worked whereas the single solid model did’t work and gave the same error message. Below you can see the mesh of 4 solid model.

Now coming towards the single solid case, I figured out that you have two problems with that model:

1.With two full cutouts between faces, it is still represented by a single face. Please see the figure below. The red highlighted face should be distributed to three separate faces until and unless these three cutouts are joined together with the help of some other faces, but not edges as in your case. The mesher will not be able to mesh the edges which bond these faces together.

  1. There are two faces on both ends of the geometry which are overlapping with other faces, which is not permissible in a single solid and most probably the error pops up due to this problem, which clearly says that The boundary mesh is overlapping. Please see the figure below. Red highlighted solid_0_face_16 is overlapping the darker highlighted solid_0_face_19. Same is the case on other end of the opposite side. To solve this problem you have to make sure that two of the faces in a single solid are not overlapping. There must exist only one face until and unless they have existing gap between them.

I hope this helps you. If you have any other question/s, feel free to ask. Happy Simulating!