'Plate Testing - 1' simulation project by chaiwanhao


I created a new simulation project called 'Plate Testing - 1':

Static Analysis

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Hey @chaiwanhao,

nice post-processing screen shot for the public project layout. I had a quick look at your setup. Did you choose the fixed support intentionally on the complete “smaller” part.

As all nodes of the solid are fixed doing that the solid becomes a rigid body. Those are often used in order to have e.g. a wall in a drop test where one part is elastic and hits a rigid wall. In your setup you could remove the smaller part and simply fix the interface part on the bigger solid (in this case the face has to be split, same as in the connection screen shot below) to get the same influence on the bigger part or if you are interested in the elastic response of both parts you could simply fix the outer face of the smaller part. The contact constraint that you need in that case is already well defined, nice!

Best Alex