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Planing hull analysis

I’m wondering if there’s anyone in the forum who can help me create a model for a planing boat hull. I’m trying to visualize / calculate water flow through the hull tunnel to determine if it is sufficient to feed the motor. I need to get and idea if the lifting chines on the boat provide adequate lift, also trying to determine planing trim / attitude.
I’m not an engineer just a hobbyist trying to model some ideas. Anyone?

Hi @rzohrer!

One idea would be to use a 6DOF simulation setup allowing your model to translate and rotate in your water domain. The idea then would be to use result control items to calculate the area integral of the surface you are investigating.

As mentioned flux calculation will be done using the area Integral over the surface. The flux should be something like velocity (U) times the surface (A) which can be “rigorously” determined in the offline Paraview version. My colleagues @1318980, @Get_Barried and @vgon_alves might have more experience here and they can hopefully give you additional tips on how to extract the flux for this type of simulation.

All the best!


Thanks for your reply…