'Pipe with air inside' simulation project by kgawlik


I created a new simulation project called 'Pipe with air inside':

Receiver section with air inside. Intend to get maximum pipe wall temperature.

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Hi there @kgawlik!

Can you tell us a bit more about your project? I first thought that you wanted to simulate a Taylor-Couette flow but the results show something different. Some information would be great! :+1:




Hello Jousef,

Thank you for your interest in my project. I am doing two things with Simscale. The first is transient conduction between a metal pipe and material inside of it. The heat flux applied to the exterior of the pipe varies over the surface. The overall intent is to get the inner material up to its melt point at about 500 K. I’d like to do the phase change as well but it’s not clear how to do that right now. For this analysis I model a small section of pipe.

The second is a thermomechanical analysis of a string of five of these pipes given the uneven pipe wall temperature distribution from the first simulation. It’s important to know how much the pipe string bows due to the thermal stresses and whether any part of the pipe string reaches the yield point.

The application is concentrating solar thermal power where parabolic trough collectors focus light on the pipe at the focal line. If the flux and temperature distributions are not fairly even there’s a danger of damaging the pipe due to bowing past the yield point.