'pipe flow 20180114' simulation project by Zhijie


I created a new simulation project called 'pipe flow 20180114':

flow model for valve

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The delta pressure of the experiment data is 1065 Pa. And the simulation in fluent is 1070 Pa.So ?


Hi @Zhijie!

And what is the pressure difference from your simulation on our platform?




The delta pressure of simulation on you platform is around 1500Pa. I got the same result once I was using the k-epsilon turbulence model. But I changed it to RNG k-epsilon and got the right result. I think the turbulence model is the key factor about the reason, or my improper parameter and operation. Thank you care about it. And Good Night!


Indeed it is @Zhijie!

It would be awesome if you add some nice post-processing pictures for other users to show them what you have worked on :+1:

Feel free to contact me if you need any help and good night !




What about the post-processing results on SimScale @Zhijie?