'Perrin-LMP1' simulation project by roozbehmousavi


I created a new simulation project called 'Perrin-LMP1':


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@roozbehmousavi, nice project! Are you looking into the effects of drafting?

Glad to see this is for the Challenge :grinning:


@AnnaFless, thanks! Resolution of the STL file was too high and I could not open it as a solid in SolidWorks. So, in order to make two drafting cars, I had to use the software MeshLab which produced the both cars as a single surface. On the other hand, I could not extract the surfaces in Simscale using the feature angle criterion. I guess that was again a result of the high resolution. So for this case, I was only able to get the flow field and calculating the forces for each of the cars was not possible. But I did also analyses on a single car, two cars driving side by side and a single car in a yaw angle.


Great to see the Perrinn car on here, would love to see this car on track! :slight_smile: I obtained the CAD data from Nicolas a while back and had no problem getting into CAD, perhaps I can help?


Hi @fastwayjim, Thanks a lot for your comment. It would be great if you send me a *.step file of this car or a format which can be opened, for example in SolidWorks, as a solid body.

My email address: roozbehmousavi [at] gmail.com

Many thanks in advance!


This is awesome!


Roozbeh - Email sent, I hope it helps! It had a 20 meg attachment (stp & x_t), so if it gets blocked on your side, let me know I can host it for download… Cheers!


@fastwayjim: Hi, thank you so much. I could download it without any problem. I also checked that within SolidWorks. This is awesome!


Ya, the original geometry was created in UG/NX, so the translation into SW is nice and clean as they both have parasolid kernels. Looking forward to some more awesome screenshots!


how can i generate encloser over car i mean to say how to make vertual wing tunnel


any tutorial which can help me i am working on investing of active aerodynamics of porsche 911 so i need help