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Pelton inline v3 simulation

Hi all,

I’m currently having issues getting my simulation (link below) to work.

Pelton inline v3

I am trying to follow the Simscale tutorials, but continue to get:
“A multi-region mesh was assigned - this analysis-type requires a singe-region mesh.”

I have tried a few things to fix this but keep coming up with the same error… hoping it’s something easy that I’ve missed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello N,

Kindly refer to this documentation page - example number 1 should give you all the necessary information, since the applications are quite similar.

Note that the requirements are:

  • a single volume representing the flow region
  • one volume for the rotating zone
  • no solid parts (i.e. blades) should be present, only the negative representation of them


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Hi Ricardopg,

Thank for the help. Really appreciate the guidance, however I have still been unable to get a simulation working…

Tried to use the sotating zones in CAD which seemed to work and was promising, however I have been unable to follow the steps in the documentation you provided to set an “Internal flow volume”.

Documentation posted by Ricardopg

If there’s any additional suggestions/tutorials/help that you or anyone else can provide that would be amazing.

The project I have been attempting to simulate is:
Pelton Inline V4 Geo

I also have a multiple of other versions that I have been working with, but still hitting a mental wall.

Thanks in advance



Since everyone’s geometries is in a different “stage”, it’s difficult to cover all possibilities in a document. However, we should focus on the CAD requirements and compare our geometries with a correctly constructed model (see figs 7, 8, 9 from the article).

In short:

Quoting my own post above:

I hope this helps!