'PCB - transient thermal analysis' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'PCB - transient thermal analysis':

This project shows the transient thermal analysis of a chips mounted on a Printed Circuit Board - PCB.

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This project shows the thermal effect of the electronic chips mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB). The geometry of the PCB was created on Onshape and then imported to SimScale platform.

The geometry was meshed using parametrized tetrahedralization on SimScale platform. The mesh is shown in the figure below.

Transient heat transfer was selected as an analysis type since temperature and surface heat flux was assumed to change over time. The red highlighted area represents the total of nine electronic chips mounted on this PCB. Maximum power dissipation for all the chips were considered as follows:

  • Chip 1: 0.5 W
  • Chips 2/4/5: 0.3 W
  • Chips 8/9, 0.2 W
  • Chip 3: 0.1 W
  • Chips 6/7: 0.04 W

These total power dissipation were provided via table upload through volume heat source boundary condition. Furthermore, the change in ambient temperature of convective heat flux over time was also considered. The simulation was run for 200 seconds (~2 minutes). The figure below shows the temperature and heat flux on the chips and PCB from top and bottom.

Finally, the figure below shows the animation of the final result.


hI Ahmed
I liked your project and created a copy as I try to create my own project. I ran thru the above simulation with a slight different temperature table csv file, just to prove it would work, but simulation didn’t create a result. I repeated but used ‘duplicate’ of your original project and simulation and rerun and still no result. I noted it said cannot find result. Sorry Im New to this software and thermal analysis so please bare with me. any ideas?


Apologise, Results have just come in. Didn’t Appreciate there could be a delay before output could be viewed


Hi Keith,

I have tried running a new simulation after just duplicating the project without any changes and it worked. Can you please share the project public link with me so I can review it?

Kind Regards,


Hi Ahmed,
Let me apologise. there isn’t a problem with your model simulation. I didn’t appreciate there could be a delay in getting final results and they did finally appear. I have run your model successfully now. Sorry for any inconvenience
I am using your model simulation setup to learn how to apply to my model.
I’m having an issue with using a csv file. the table is appearing but when I run the simulation I only get 1 result not over time. I have checked the time interval (set to 60 sec) and sample 5sec. Any suggestions please I would be grateful
model is DraftresistorASSYtestonly


Hi Keith,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Can you first please rename your project and add spaces so that the comment section can be displayed? I think the comment section is not visible due to that. Right now I can’t see the comment section where I can reply you.

I would reply there since it’s related to that project. Please let me know once you rename it. If no comment section problem persists, please also let me know.



Hi Ahmed,
Is it possible to analyse natural convection along with transient thermal analysis (Conjugate Analysis) on Simscale platform. ?



Hey @bloodyzohair!

Not right now. But soon it will be :smile:



Hey @ahmedhussain18,

Finally it has arrived.



@ahmedhussain, I would be interested to see this updated with some natural convection as @bloodyzohair requested. Are there any conjugate analysis examples you can point to?


@gdowie, yes of course! you can have a look at following projects:






Among them last one refers to the analysis of a PCB.




Is there any way to get the original step file of this project? Or dimensions of what you are using?




Hi Tim {@tcochrane)!

Sure you can! Open the project and download the geometry in the Mesh Creator tab. You can have a look at the dimensions either at the scaling or in the middle column --> “Geometry Event Log”.

Let me know if you need further information!