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Particle tracing for cross flow turbine

  • IM trying to visualize the actual flow movement in the turbine using particle tracings.

This is for the simulation (Run 0.315 design 2)

I have even tried with seeding on the outlet simultaneously but there isnt any activity to be seen on the turbine blades and the runner itself. (inside the rotating zone)

how do i rectify the problem or understand this?

If I understand correctly, do you wish to see the turbine rotation?

If its possible, I would love to see it in action…
But if you check on my recent simulations, there is no particle go through the mrf zone then to the outlet… Even if I try to seed the outlet with 2nd particle tracing… Both does not go through the mrf zone, it just stops once the particles touch the mrf zone

Hi there, this is a known issue that is being investigated by the team, thank you for pointing this out though!

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thank you. looking forward for a solution.