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Particle trace fail?


Okay so i have followed this video, and it made the simulation run. But the particles doesn’t work like in the video, could anybody help me with this problem? Take a look at simulation run 1. I’m a beginner, so please help me. Thanks!

CFD link:

Video i followed:


Hey @magn8838,

Please review your boundary conditions. You got velocity and moving wall directions wrong.

The particle trace setup was fine though.



So i should do the boundary conditions over? Or what is it I should do. Would you like to help me out?


What you Ricardo meant is to change the velocity BC. Change it from z to x, just have a look at the coordinate system and you see where the flow should be.




Okay, but when i did so. I tried to make a new simulation, but then it wouldn’t run. It said that i had to reduce my mesh fineness.