'Particle sim test' simulation project by taylor_timothy


I created a new simulation project called 'Particle sim test':

Trying to simulate the particle spread from the spinning disc of a ferteliser spreader.

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I am having trouble getting my particles to actually fall as expected in the simulation. It works as expected in the copied auger project, however when I try to copy the settings into my own project model, it doesn’t seem to work. An thoughts? @sijia @rszoeke


Hi @taylor_timothy, I checked your project (spreader analysis) and all seems fine. The only problem was, that the total runtime was set to 10ms (0.01s), this is why you did not see anything moving. I just changed the simulation time to 0.5s and the job worked just fine:

Initial configuration

At 100ms

At 200ms

At 300ms

At 400ms

At 0.5s

You can check out my project here.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for looking at it for me, I’m glad it was an easy fix.