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Outdated Geometry Error


Hello Everyone,
I was practicing the project provided by the SimScale Academy, in the course “Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering”.
I was trying to do the simulation of Exercise#2 of this course. But after importing the geometry from the link provided by the SimScale I am getting this error.
" Outdated Geometry Format

This mesh is based on an outdated geometry. Please re-import your geometry."

The link of the project is here:

Please help ASAP
Thanks in advance!


Thanks a lot for reporting this @rfatima!

I have updated the project by re-uploading the geometries and already performed the splitting operations, you can find the updated project right here: The link inside the tutorial will be updated at a later point as the PDF is still for the old workbench.

Let me know if you have any other problems and what your thoughts on this course are! Would you like to see a new course?




Thank you for the response! @jousefm.
Yes, I would definitely love to do other courses too.
But this Outdated Geometry issue is with every exercise of the course.
Please fix those ASAP.


Will definitely work on that @rfatima - thanks a lot for the hint!

Enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me whenever you like.



Hi, been trying to mesh the current design in the globe valve design, however I run into this error

This error doesn’t occur for the modified design,what should I do?


Hi @rishic999!

Will get back to you as soon as I am at home.




Hi @rishic999: Please use Modified Design. Message of error is self-explanatory.