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Out of memory

I was trying to mesh the “workshop2 full car aerodynamics”. But after running for 76 minutes…it says that "Machine ran out of memory…please select larger machine for computation.

How do i solve this problem?

Hi @bharadwaj92

Running on more cores increases your memory allowance. You change this in the ‘Simulation Control’ Node, how many are you currently running? how big is the mesh?

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At that time I was running 3 processes at a time. It was using around 64 cores in total.

Did i get the error because of that…!??

BTW thanks for your reply

no, it only matters what you use on that one job, so for example, if you running on 4 cores and you receive the error, increasing the job to run on 8 cores should sort you out (unless you really miss-judged). Normally 4 cores can serve me up to 10million cells, however, every simulation is different, you just need to approximate and adjust.

I just noticed you got this in the meshing stage here is where you adjust:

As you can see you were using 4 cores, up it to 8 and see how you go :slight_smile:

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Ok…i understand…

I will try it again…:slight_smile: