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Option for Hex dominant automatic "windtunnel/external flow" is missing


I have imported a cad file in IGES format to find out the wind loads using a windtunnel option in Simscale.

While initiating meshing, I am unable to see the option Hex dominant automatic "wind tunnel/external flow option as I see in the tutorial “windload simulation for highrise buildings”

Kindly help me.


Hi @Sreedhar!

You can use the parametric mesh option, that will do the job even better as you are able to tune more parameter for your mesh. We have some examples for that in the documentation as well as for some FSAE simulation cases you can have a look at in the public project section.




Hi @Sreedhar @jousefm, the old automatic meshers have been removed and replaced by the new auto mesher, this automesher performs very well as a complete auto mesh, but in addition allows the user to control if needed many other things, the new auto mesh can be set up as a ‘wind tunnel’ by selecting ‘external’ when creating the mesh. I encourage you to try it out since the benefits are more than surface deep, and for me has given better quality than a manual mesh, however, be advised that poor geometry may cause the mesh size to blow up due to its ability to appropriately define a refinement based upon geometric features, therefore, things like small faces and edges should be avoided.



Hi Darren,

Thank you for your reply.
Will you be able to help me guide to a sample simulation video/tutorial, so that I can learn to use this new automatic mesher.



Hi @Sreedhar, to my knowledge, there are no tutorials or videos specific to this meshing algorithm and although it should be similar to the old one in terms of basic setup, I understand that the differences and added complexity available make it needing of one. I will pass on the suggestion or work on this my self but in the meantime, I can share a project which uses the algorithm shortly.