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On-demand training videos

Fellow SimScale users,

besides enhancing the functionality and increasing the robustness of the SimScale platform, we’re also working on providing more documentation, tutorials and training material to enable new users to start smoothly. The first few videos of a new training section on the website are now live:

It should give completely new users a crisp overview in under 30 minutes. What kind of training resources / videos would be valuable for your work as a next step? Looking forward to your suggestions!



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Hi all, first post here. I would like a video tutorial on multiphase flows, particularly a two phase case showing a ship or boat hull over water surface. It will be useful to understand how to define phases and motions.
I’ve explored the “Sloshing fluid on a fuel tank” example, but still don’t get how to setup each phase and how to define the fluid (or object) motions that produce the sloshing.

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