'Olympia Tower Munich - Static and Harmonic Analysis' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Olympia Tower Munich - Static and Harmonic Analysis':

In this project harmonic and static analyses of the Olympic Tower in Munich subjected to wind pressure were performed.

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In this project harmonic and static analysis of the Olympia tower Munich subjected to a wind pressure was performed. The geometry was provided by Filippo Balloni and then imported to the SimScale platform. The resulting geometry is shown in the figure below. The red highlighted areas shows the surfaces on which the wind pressure was applied.

The geometry was meshed using parametrized tetrahedralization on SimScale platform. The mesh is shown in the figure below.

Both the static and harmonic analysis were performed. The bottom of the tower was fixed in all directions and a surface load of 500 N/m² was applied in negative x direction on the above red highlighted faces. Two harmonic analysis was performed with one having probe point on the top of the tower and the other with probe point on the restaurant. The first two figures below shows displacement and von Mises stresses produced in the tower due to the wind pressure (static analysis).

Further three figures below shows the real x, y and z displacements (harmonic analysis).

Finally, the two graphs below shows the real displacement in x direction vs. frequencies computed on the probe point of tower top and restaurant respectively.