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I’m trying to follow the description of the tutorial " Exercise #1: Aerodynamics of a Radio-Controlled Plane" and having problems as the new web interface does not look like the tutorial. Searching on the forum, I found there is an option to load the old post-processor, by right clicking “solution fields” Unfortunately the option is not present, the only options are “reload results” and “download results”

If anybody can offer a solution, will be much appreciated.

Alternatively, instructions to visualise on the new post processor of:

  • pressure distribution and wall shear stress on wing surfaces
  • symmetrical body

project link: SimScale

I manage to visualise the pressure distribution and shear stress: pick the “pressure[node]” not the “pressure” and “All wall shear stress”; but still have problems determining total lift and drag.

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Hi @dusan!

The old post-processor was completely removed from our platform. If you want to do more sophisticated post-processing analysis the offline Paraview version is a good choice - alternatively you can use Tecplot if you have access to that. For the lift and drag post-processing I am tagging my colleague Darren (@1318980) who might give you some input on this.



Hi @dusan, this post might help for (viscous) drag calculation, but there are other posts here explaining pressure forces and coefficients also. I would perhaps say don’t make it hard for yourself and just use the lift and drag coefficients calculator in forces and moments on simscale.


Thank you both! Really helpful.


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