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Number of Polyhedra

I try to compare different patterns of airscrews for a gyrodyne.
Some patterns has run properly but now I’m testing a pattern of two airscrews in a stack.
I know it is not an ideal airscrews, but ist is only for the compare test.
The problem i have is that the meshing fails every Time with this error.
I use the Hex-Dominant Mesher.
I have tried to coarse or to refine the mesh and to mesh with inflate boundary layers and without.
I although took a look into the meshing log but couldnt find anything.

Anyone an Idea ? Thanks for Help

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I checked your model and couldn’t see any obvious problem.

Can you please try to create the mesh with the Standard algorithm? This one is actually what we recommend to use by default, and by using the physics-based meshing, you don’t need to create the cell zones for the rotating regions.

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thanks for Help. The standard mesher works properly.
But i would like to know, what could be reasons for this error and what does it mean.