Number format in color bar should be configurable

Right now when I view the color bar in a solution field it shows the values in scientific notation, such as “1.327e+00”. It would be more aesthetically pleasing if we could configure the format of the values in the color bar, since the “e+00” is not very useful.

Hi @tryabin!

By default the values are in scientific notations. Since mostly stresses and strains and even other values like velocities and pressure are in bigger formats. Therefore, using scientific notation there makes sense. But you are right, as in your case it doesn’t make much sense. I am not sure if it’s doable to automatically detect the value and put scientific notation to it if required. May be @bdaqui can elaborate this more accurately.

Furthermore, you can actually change the format of the values in local Paraview.

I hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.


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Thanks I got it to show only one decimal place in Paraview using the format “%.1f”.


Hi @tryabin, @ahmedhussain18 ,

I am a bit late to this thread, but here’s my input. Currently the number format is currently handled automatically by our post-processing back-end, but it should be possible to provide an option to choose the number presentation.

We will consider it for our backlog as future functionality.