'nozzle' simulation project by lbakker


I created a new simulation project called 'nozzle':

nozzle liquid flow simulation

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Hi @lbakker!

Nice simulation there! Where do you use this nozzle and are you satisfied with the results?

Cheers and all the best!



Hi @jousefm,

Thankyou for your interest!

This nozzle is used for a surf simulator. For a project on school I am trying to optimize the nozzle for efficiency.

This is the first time I used simscale and I am not sure if all my settings are right. As you might noticed I used a symmetry- axis. I think the program implemented the symmetry-axis as a wall and I am not sure how to adjust this. Would you suggest a no slip option?

What do you think of the SST model that i’ve used? How does the program implement the y+ value that will activate the k-w model in the near wall region y+ =<1 and and the k-e model where y+=>30, when there is no inflation in the mesh?

Hope that you could help me with that!

I appreciate your time!



Hi @lbakker!

The k-omega-SST model generally produces good results - much better when dealing with partially separated flows! However it seems to work best without wall functions, yet it is not always practical to mesh down to y+ approximately 1. As always it becomes much nicer when you have some experimental data - immense confidence boost! More information can be found in our doc: K Omega SST - SimScale Documentation. To be honest I do not know if OpenFOAM uses blending functions according to wall distances maybe my fellow colleagues @PowerUsers_CFD can help you out here!