'Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Car Suspension' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Car Suspension':

This project shows the nonlinear static analysis of a car suspension.

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Nice project!


The CAD model is taken from GrabCAD and was provided by Rahul Sharma. The model is first edited to make it simpler to mesh and analyze. It is then uploaded to Simscale platform and afterwards meshed using the fully automatic tetrahedralization with the SimScale Mesh Creator, shown in the figure below.

For the analysis, steel is selected as a default material for the whole model. The bottom part is then clamped whereas the top part is displaced by 5 cm. The results in the figures below show the displacement and von Mises stress contour plots. It can be easily seen that mainly the whole spring is stressed, incorporating the maximum stresses in it.


Did you make it on this website?


It was simulated using SimScale of course @Jawa_D! :+1:


Can you provide the CSV file of non-linear steel data. The link provided by simscale is unavailable.


Hi @redwanpranto15!

I have created a new .csv file a while ago which can be found in this post. Tell me if everything worked and if you need any help!

Cheers and happy SimScaling!