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Nonexistent job


Hi all,

the last day, in my project Flow on build ( I started a simulation run in my model “bricks6.6M”. After time the simulation didnt end and in the simulationlog said that the simulation stopped because is out of virtual memory(kill(9)) but my job status continue saying that the simulation is computing. I stoped the simulationRun but it job status of computing continue so i delete the simulationRun and then i have this nonexistent job:


Hi @igomez_r,

as far as I can see the (deleted) job is now gone, is that right? If you reopen the project, does this still appear in your job status? Reopening the project might indeed help here and remove that (deleted) job. Tell me if that works.

If you need help regarding the setup or experience buggy behaviour, please let me know.




if i reopen the project, it still appear in my job status


And if you just delete it by clicking the delete button? Does it vanish?

From my experience that happens when you hectically click on the buttons and switch tabs (inside the platform) fast. :slight_smile:

I am awaiting your answer.




it Reappears.


Hi @igomez_r,

wrote you a private message.