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One month ago all my simulations worked perfectly and showed the results that I wanted.
Now, since yesterday the project doesn’t show me any results anymore. Does somebody know how I can fix this? Thank you in advance

Hi Alexander, thank you for using the forum!
I checked the ‘Deuren open’ run, and I was able to visualize the results, can you send me a screenshot so I can have a better understanding of your experience?
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What about the New beta interface?

I don’t understand the New beta interface. So I can’t really work with that

For now it would be nice to see where exactly is the issue, so a screenshot from this interface too would be helpful :slight_smile:
(By the way, the new post-processor has a variety of cool features, feel free to check them out here: )

I would like to learn the new interface, but I have my presentation tomorrow so I don’t have time to that now. Is this picture what you mean by the interface?

After you click on the 'Post-process results’, the following window will appear. Click on the 'New beta interface’, and you will be directed to the new post processor :slight_smile:

As you can see, the results can be visualized. Try switching to pressure too for example. You will be able to see the parameters displayed on the model.

But this isn’t the results. I doesn’t show anything. It’s all 0 but has to go up as well.

Hi Alexander, this is not an issue with the post-processor, you will have to review your boundary conditions to correct your results. I suggest you have a look here:

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