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No Job instance available for community plan

I have been trying to mesh a geometry but this error keeps popping up when I am trying to mesh. Can someone explain to me what is this and how can I solve this error?

Thanks in advance

Hey there, and thanks for using the forum!

As you might be aware, the community plan has some restriction on the size of the computers that perform meshing and solving. Also, the availability of such computers is subject to the cloud provider.

I suggest you to change the mesh settings and aim for a coarser mesh, with less number of elements. This should allow the algorithm to pick a smaller computer, which perhaps will be available for the platform to use and perform the task.

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Hello @ggiraldof ,

I have been making fine meshes of this size for a long time. My mesh would go up to 8-9 Million cells. In fact, this mesh settings was quite a coarser one. Not only this but also my simulation run was also cancelled due to the same reason. Hope you can help with this.

i have the same problem despite i did it before successfully for the same model