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No air volume to assign

Hello there,

I am using SimScale for the first time. I have a solid block with holes in one face completely through the block. I uploaded this as a *.step file.
I want to set different pressures on both sides of the holes and see what air flow I get for the different hole diameters.
Unfortunately I can assign the material air only to my solid block. How can I invert that?
Do I need to build an air volume first and how to do that?

Thanks for your support!

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Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

As a general rule, please always post the URL to your project alongside your issue description.

As I already had a look to your project, I will give you the answer.

What you need to do to convert your solid part into the corresponding flow region ‘negative’ is to perform a ‘flow volume extraction’ operation, as explained in the following article:

In your case, an enclosure or open inner region is what you want, depending on the needs.

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