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New Update with more Boundary Conditions?

Okay… Either I’m losing it, or there was a major update that was pushed out this afternoon? I swear when I started this Structural Analysis in Aster, that there were only a few options for loads & constraints, and now there are like 6-8 each! High five, Simscale! But seriously though, was there a push, or am I seeing double from being at the computer all day? :wink:

Hi @fastwayjim,

You may have been looking at a Static Analysis (Calculix) which has 1 constraint type and 3 load types in the initial case.

Static Analysis - Advanced (Code_Aster) does have many more load & constraint options - but this is not from a recent update :wink:

Thanks for the quick response, @AnnaFless! I’d already read the post on Calculix vs. Aster, so I’ll just chalk this up to fatigue, haha!

However, it made me think - How does Simscale communicate an update to the users? Is there an email, or a post on the forum? Just want to keep an eye out for when things change, in case we need to update our workflow or play with new functionality.

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Hi @fastwayjim, haha no worries!

With regard to the updates, it’s something that we need to be better at - we do for really big updates (ie the implementation of CHT).

The platform is updated every two weeks (generally on Wednesday). In this case, do you think a monthly update in the News & Announcements category of the forum would be the best way to communicate this? Or would you rather get an email?


Nothing too time consuming on your end, perhaps just a quick update post in the forum, highlighting anything noticeable like GUI changes, capability updates, performance enhancements, etc.