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New thread for workshops


Hi @Ambassadors!

If you are planning a workshop for the future and want to make your students interact inside of the forum I highly encourage you to use the new section I created:

You can share ideas there and let others know what you have accomplished but also make sure to raise subjects that did not went well and could be improved in the future. That helps SimScale and you as tutors to improve! Let me know if you have any suggestions for the section and let me know when your next workshops are. @Fozan, this might be interesting for you as you’re one of the next ones holding a workshop, why not start? :slight_smile:

Enjoy your weekend!



Hi Jousef,

I will be conducting next workshop in the last week of February most probably. The topic is “Applications of CFD in Biomedical Engineering”. Initially, I planned to cover both CFD and FEA applications in Biomedical but the time slot which I will be getting in university is not that much long to cover both of them.


Sounds good Mohammad!

Let’s see when the other @Ambassadors have their next workshop :slight_smile: We also have a hangout meeting 2-3 weeks before your workshop to make sure that we sync on the slides and other things as well.