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NEW simulation button unresponsive


I recently used the Simscale platform and added my material, mesh, etc. I meshed it well and the check was OK. But the +NEW button totally becomes unresponsive for at least 2 hours.

If there is a wait/queue time, it will be great to get a notification in this regard.


Hi @sunilgknair051,

This shouldn’t be the case. Usually a browser with high loads (a lot of tabs or extensions) will cause the overall functions to slow down especially the “+new” button. Highly suggest using a fresh browser. I myself have two browsers, chrome where all my extensions are and will slow down SimScale so I don’t use it there and the other being a completely clean FireFox.

Do try it out and let me know and post again if you have continued issues.




To be specific, I login into a new machine with a new browser and observe the same problem.


Hi @sunilgknair051,

Let me tag my friend @jousefm here who may able to help you out with this issue!




Thanks for the tag Barry!

Could you provide me with the project that is affected @sunilgknair051? Just post the project link as an answer and I will have a look at the issue.




Hello @jousefm, the project simulated fine. But, when I tried it yesterday i had to wait at least an hour and a half until I could use the +NEW button. I sent out two issues with a screen shot as well.


Hi @sunilgknair051!

Interesting. Could you share the OS you are working with as well as the browser version? Will ask if there have been other issue similar to yours.




hey @jousefm,

I use a Windows 10 Home Single Language(x64) and chrome browser version 65.0.3325.181 .