New filter for public project base on type of simulation


Hi everyone.

I would like to propose a filter for the search of public projects based on the type of simulation and subsequent details (stady-state, transient, etc. …). Today there are tags, but very often it happens that you do not use them and therefore many projects are not found. If you make an automatic tag with successive filters, you would be able to find everything for the type of simulation.

Finally, considering that many projects for the academy course are duplicated, it would be useful to have a system that groups the projects equal to each other, avoiding visualizing pages and pages of all projects equal.



Thank you very much your detailed feedback @ErmoB! Very good suggestion - I like that!

Cheers and all the best!



Great suggestion !!
Sometimes the search of projects based on the type of simulation is a tedious work.


Another filter type I would be interested in is a number of errored operations in the last ‘x’ number of days. This is so the community can help out in projects that are struggling to get off the ground and engage new users.