'NaturalConvTest1' simulation project by tdavidovits


I created a new simulation project called 'NaturalConvTest1':

Test natural convection capability

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Hi Terence. please also check out this simulation for natural convection of heat: https://www.simscale.com/projects/sjoshi/natural_convection_of_a_refrigerator_condenser_coil


@tdavidovits nice idea what you are trying to do. Seems like you are having some difficulties in meshing your geometry. I looked into your geometry and identified that your geometry consists two extra models which are not required for simulation and are actually causing problem in messing. I just removed these part by editing you model and now it can be meshed easily. Here is the link to meshed project


you can see the slide of mesh geometry here:


Hi @tdavidovits, as @aali has shown. You only need ‘solid_2’ from your CAD, rest are extra. the Automatic mesh looks good.