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My Chassis FEA keeps failing

Hi, so I’m new to simscale and I am trying to do a CAE stress analysis on a prototype formula student chassis. I’ve used the auto mesh funtion to surround it in a fine mesh, and applied a force on the front face of 100kN as part of a frontal impact test, just chose the figure at random snce this is more for just getting used to the software. Unfortunatley everytime try to run the simulation it fails on me within a matter of minutes. I have no Idea what is the problem with it. If anyone can help me it’d be greatly appreciated. The file is public, called Formula Student Chassis 1 analysis.

Hi @tomsimscale!

@ggiraldo, @cjquijano and me are having a look at it. We will keep you updated.

Update: Make sure to clean up the intersections inside your model. Once that is fixed there should be no more problems meshing your geometry.



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Thanks a million Jousef.

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