Multiple inlet condition

Hello there,

I want to make a compressible flow simulation. The fluid that used in simulation is air. In real, i can measure the inlet condition of that flow. The air flowrate of air at the inlet 15000 m^3/h and the pressure of air is 16 barG. I wonder is there a way to define these two inlet condition in the same simulation. Before write this topic, i tried to make a simulation by defining only one inlet condition. I selected velocity inlet as inlet boundary condition. Then, when i observe the results, i realized that the pressure at the inlet is less than the real condition. So is there anyone who has a suggestion for me about this.

Hi @gokayguney!

You could theoretically work with a pressure inlet and with the approach of a flow driven inlet (Doc entry) . Have you tried that already? Defining two BC for the same face (I don’t think you mean that btw) is not possible and would most likely cause the simulation to crash. Try it with the mentioned BC and let us know if that worked!




@jousefm first of all thank you so much for your support.

Can you please take a look to the simulation whose links given below.

The results don’t seem logical. I want to learn are there any problem in set-up of simulation or the values that i define is so high for that geometry.