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Multiple Boundaary Error

Hello All …
I need your help and advice. I have some project for Conjugate Heat Transfer for IGBTs. All setting already done. But when I try to run simulation some error appear and I can’t continue it. The massage say "Multiple boundary condition … ".
I have check my Boundary setting and I have pick a correct face for boundary (without any Interface on it).
Please help and check my project on this link “

Hi, this is Fillia.

You are facing an issue similar to this: What should I use in Boundary condition - #2 by tsite

If your face belongs to two different parts that are in contact, then it is not possible to assign a boundary condition to it.

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Hi Fillia,
Thank you for an advice. I need to sure, if I put a face from “Flow Region (Water)” as Pressure In/Out which one I need to choose ? I was try to choose Face499@Flow Region as Pressure Outlet and Face507@Flow Region as Pressure Inlet. I assure those face doesn’t have any contact with another. But I still got the error massage.
Please give me an enlightenment.

Hi, yes they are not in contact with each other, but they are in contact with the flow region. Try to generate the flow domain in a way that the inlet and outlet are not inside it, does this make sense?

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