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Multiphase Waterfall Tutorial: Wheres the Automesh feature?

Hi! I’m new to Simscale, and I was trying out the Multiphase Waterfall tutorial. Unfortunately i get the error message " Run creation failed because mesh has not been generated yet." because the geometry I imported from the tutorial isn’t a mesh ( I think). The User Interface is different from the tutorials and I was wondering where the Mesh Generation feature is to do so?

Hi @domini88!

You can find information about the mesh tree location in this article: . Let me know if you have any additional questions I can help you with.



Hi Jousef!

Thanks so much! I figured it out. It was a old file and I had to reupload.

However, I am having issues with getting results. I followed the following tutorial step by step:

But after the simulation runs for 4 minutes, there is no convergence or any results for that matter. Im thinking its because I set the max runtime to 3000 seconds or possibly I’ve assigned the mesh incorrectly (but I’ve double checked). What could be the issue?

Link to project:

Hi there!

One of the reasons is that your mesh is still too coarse with 34k cells. You can go up to 2-3 million cells and then see that it will definitely take longer. Convergence plots are still available in your simulation runs though. Please also note that you have forgot to activate gravity - can be found under Model and has to be applied in negative z-direction. :slight_smile:

Let me know how things go!


Silly me for not putting gravity :sweat_smile:

It worked! Thanks a lot.

Though I do have a question about the results. When I pick a point at the inlet to measure X veloctiy, why does it show 0 in the plot if the initial inlet velocity setting is 2 m/s?

Also for some reason the flow of water only flows at the sides of the model (as seen below) and not at the center. Could this be because of the courseness of the mesh?