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MRF Mesh Problem



I want to run a simulation of a ducted underwater propeller. I defined a solid region(MRF) to enclose the blades and imported the model onto simscale, After the mesh is generated when i check my geometry, the blades enclosed within the MRF region are missing altogether. How do I fix this ?


Project Link -


Hi @Targaryen!

Can you make sure that there are no intersections between the MRF zone you defined and other parts of your model? Let’s see if this has an effect on the mesh.




Hi @jousefm,

I made the suggested change to my model and made sure there are no intersections. That doesnt seem to fix my issue. Thoughts?


Hi @Targaryen!

Have you created another project? The old link has no new model in it. Would be great if you could share the modified model with us. :+1:




Here you go. Its under geometries and model is titled as ‘newmodel’ & the mesh generated is using the same.


Hi @jousefm,

I tried again with another model with a more refined enclosure to define the rotating zone but still when I mesh, the blade geometry is missing. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


Hi @Targaryen, you havn’t actually defined the surface refinement to create a cell zone. To do this create a new surface refinement, select the MRF geometry and ‘true’ create cell zone. you can actually see the zone hasnt been created at all by clipping the mesh:

And I would try and further refine the other geometry as well it looks a bit coarse still.

Hope this helps,


Cheers Darren. Definitely helped. Have a great year !