'Motorbike Swingarm Analysis' simulation project by jprobst


I created a new simulation project called 'Motorbike Swingarm Analysis':

In this project an eigenfrequency and two static analyses of a motorbike are demonstrated. Stress analysis of a bike frame : In this project a bike frame design is analyzed regarding different stress scenarios.

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The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member Dassault. The model was uploaded to the platform as a STEP file consisting out of a single solid. For the mesh generation we apply a coarse, first-order parametrized tetrahedralization. The resulting mesh consists out of around 260.000 volumes and is shown in the figure below.

In this project three different simulations have been setup: In all simulations the swing arm pivot is fixed, then depending on the objective of the simulation, a force along the wheel axis is applied to determine the lateral stiffness. Later on, a torque around the longitudinal axis is applied to analyze the torsional stiffness.

The first result shows the calculated eigenmodes of the structure. Here you can see the first eigenmode, on the left side only the displacement and on the right side the comparison between the modal deformation and the undeformed structure.

In the second result, a lateral force of 100N has been applied. In the picture above you can see a visualization of the displacement in this case. In the last case the torsional displacement with a torsional moment of 100Nm is visualized.