More than one mesh in a single project

Hi everyone, first post here.
I’ve been using Simscale in conjunction with Onshape for about 2 months for my master’s thesis and it’s working great so far. I am currently designing a shell-and-tube heat-exchanger and am running as many simulations as possible. It would be very helpful to have more than one mesh per project, and I read somewhere on the forums that this would be possible, but it didn’t say how to do that.
I need this for trying different simulation models on my heat exchanger, as well as for documentation, being able to go back and take images in a systematic fashion across the different meshes I’ve tried. So far, the only method for using multiple meshes is to copy the project, which works, but it seems like this could be done within one project.

Hopefully this can get resolved!


Hey @MalcolmAkner welcome to the forum!

First off its always easier for people to help you if you post a link to your project (must make the project public first)

If i understand your question correctly. Then yes it is definitely possible to have multiple meshes in a project. On any geometry you can simply create another simulation. Even if you already have a mesh done with this geometry.


Then when you select the new simulation - under the mesh tab, you can copy the settings from the already finished mesh. This is a great feature becase all your inputs are already saved. If you copy the mesh settings from another geometry, then you will only have to re-select the features you want.

Also, you can directly copy the mesh from the same geometry and they will become linked.

hopefully this is what you meant.



Right, I forgot about that option. It didn’t occur to me that there was a drop down window hidden under the mesh-selection, thanks a lot for such an easy fix!
My project is public and found on this link:, feel free to check it out :slight_smile:

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